In Celtic cultures the role of the anam cara, or soul friend, was to offer encouragement and vision for the pilgrimage of life. 

Following that time honored tradition, Anam Cara Retreats offers both individuals and communities wisdom and companionship for the journey.

From retreat planning and leadership for individuals and faith based communities to journeys through sacred landscapes with kindred spirits, let us help you discover and deepen the movement of the spirit in your life, your community, and the world.

Ancient Wisdom for Today's Journey
Spiritual Practices for Imbolc
(February 1 - April 30)

  • Notice the quality of light as the days grow longer and reflect on where you find light in your life.  

  • Celebrate the ideas, people, places, and activities that spark your creativity and fan the flame of your spirit. 

  • Give thanks for those who have been midwives and caretakers in your life. 

  • Be aware of threshold times and places and how you can be present in the already-not yet of change