Ancient Wisdom for Today's Journey

Dr. Terri Lynn Simpson is the founder of Anam Cara Retreats. Celtic spirituality is her path, writing is her practice, and inviting people into thin places where they may share their stories and experience the presence of the Holy is her work.

Terri is a certified teacher of Centering Prayer and labyrinth facilitator gifted in building community through spiritual practices.  Grounded in the three-fold practices of prayer, pilgrimage, and poetry, she weaves strands of these Celtic influences into the retreats and workshops she leads up and down the east coast for churches, healing ministries, women’s groups, and faith based non-profit organizations.    

The former assistant director and program coordinator for the Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage, in her tenure at Washington National Cathedral she was instrumental in leading the ministry of the Center in its commitment to offering hospitality and creating sacred spaces for people to grow spiritually through programs, pilgrimages, courses and gatherings. 

In addition to having a graduate degree in theology and a doctorate in Spirituality and Story, Terri is a long-time student of Celtic spirituality.  

About Terri . . .
"Terri has a magical way of integrating spirituality with a depth of knowledge. 

I don't know of another professional who is able to creatively blend so many ideas and concepts while grounding them with the Spirit. 

Simply put, she is a wonder."